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Astanga Yoga 5-days Mysore Practice with Maria Paola Stefani and Sergio Rossetti 

Lino Miele’s most senior teachers, Maria Paola and Sergio will be with us in Amsterdam from 23 to 27 August 2017. They run the Astanga Yoga Research Institute in Rome and have nearly 20 years experience teaching astanga in the traditional method. Outside of running the school in Rome, they have also taught widely in India, Europe and the US. Each day will offer an early morning mysore-style class. Through their precise adjustments and verbal cues, you will gain a physical and embodied understanding of each and every asana. This workshop is appropriate for ALL levels of astanga practitioners, from the very beginning students to the more advanced practitioners. While we would recommend you to join the whole program for 5-days, single day drop-ins are also possible. During the weekend, you will also have the opportunity to enjoy more of their great adjustments, learning more about it in the "Art of Touch" playground. The last day will complete with a guided pranayama session and questions & answers. Don’t miss this opportunity to receive personalized attention from these most beloved astanga teachers!
11-15 July 2018
Wednesday 11 to Friday 13 July: 06.30-10.00 Mysore Practice 
Saturday 12 July: 06:30-10:00 Mysore Practice & 11:00-13:00 The Art of Touch workshop
Sunday 13 July: 06:30-10:00 Mysore Practice & 11:00-12:00 Pranayama, Q&A’s

In "The Art of Touch" you will learn how to give and receive adjustments. Based on the psychological aspect of movement and breath in the posture, Sergio & Maria Paola will explain techniques to adjust a student in the pose while transmitting a sense of security and trust. As a teacher you will learn how to effectively adjust your student, as a student you will learn how to surrender and receive the adjustments! A great learning opportunity for both students and teachers!
Delight Yoga - Prinseneiland 20G, Amsterdam
  • €150 for the whole program, €120 for Mysore Members
  • €90 for the weekend sessions only
  • €30 single mysore practice
*20% discount for students with a valid Mysore Membership (only for full program)
This workshop is suitable to all yoga practitioners, however some previous experience with Astanga Yoga is highly recommended. If you are just beginning with this practice or are not familiar with the Mysore-Style of practice, we would recommend you to join the whole 5-days program.
If not sure, please check with Claudia via or Eva via 
NOTE: You can use the schedule below to book the SINGLE SESSIONS or the FULL PROGRAM
You can find the Weekend Sessions Only here and the Mysore Discount here.

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