Eva Ugolini

My passion for Yoga and Ayurveda started almost 15 years ago whilst taking a course in Ayurveda-Yoga massage in Rome, my hometown.

After experimenting with traditional Hatha Yoga and Pranayama, I went to Southern India on a few trips to deepen my yoga practice and Ayurvedic studies. Once back in Rome, I completed a two year Master in Ayurveda Massage at the Atharva Veda Center, in cooperation with the Center for Study and Research of Naturopathy and Ayurveda of New Delhi, India.
Here I met Denis Sciannimanica, who introduced me to Astanga Yoga. It was love at first sight and since then Astanga Yoga is part of my daily life, a tool for self-development and a mirror through which I can honestly look at myself every day.
This unique yoga style has changed my life and transformed my way of seeing things so greatly that I naturally felt it was time to give space to a new fresh start.

It was then in 2009, that I moved to Amsterdam and started working with Ayurveda in massage centers and yoga schools.
As I continued to deepen my yoga practice at Astanga Yoga School Amsterdam, I decided to join the 200hrs Astanga Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training given by Claudia Pradella and Janneke Verburg. This very important step in my yoga journey changed profoundly my way of living and my practice which I started to integrate into my daily life both as a student and a teacher.

In that period I had the opportunity and honor of practicing with great Astanga Yoga teachers such as Eddie Stern, Petri Raisanen and Govinda Kai. This has consolidated my passion and dedication for this unique yoga style as a life tool for self-development.

In 2011 I met David Swenson who had a great impact on my way of connecting to the practice and embracing it on a deeper level. Both his presence and his teaching slowly but surely unfolded a new way of sharing my love and dedication with my students for this unique yoga practice.

In one of my trips back home to Rome, I met Lino Miele. This was for me a very meaningful moment as I right away realized that, through him, I could  touch the source of the practice the way it has been taught by Guruji for his entire life.  Lino had greatly influenced my practice and teaching particularly in the areas of breath awareness, inner alignment and devotion. Since then I follow him every year as my main teacher to study and deepen my practice with. 

I very happily teache Astanga Yoga, as a way to share my love, joy and dedication to this powerful practice, which can enrich our lives with extraordinary vitality and creativity on all levels.